Rospark Holdings: Precision Engineering

50 years of experience in precision contract machining

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We Can Make Anything from Anything

That's a bold statement isn't it; but in engineering terms, it's true.

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From one-off, bespoke components or prototypes...

Individuality is something we excel at

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...To runs of thousands of stock components

Delivered to your schedule to meet capacity and demand

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innovative solutions

Innovative Solutions

At Rospark, we're all about finding innovative solutions to your engineering needs. Sometimes, knowing where to start can be the biggest hurdle. Our many years of experience enable us to fully comprehend what you require as an outcome and to calculate the processes required to achieve it.

Some of the best ideas are those scribbled on the back of a fag packet when inspiration strikes; our aim is to help see those ideas through to completion.



Technical Excellence

We work to the highest possible standards. Efficiency means productivity is maximised whilst errors and waste are minimised. This ensures we remain extremely competetive on price and deliver projects on schedule.

We treat each job with equal importance because we want our customers to keep coming back. After all, today's short run prototype maybe tomorrow's next big thing, essential in every household.


out of this world

Out of this World

That's no false claim. We engineer components that are installed in the Ariane Space Vehicle. As you can imagine, sending rockets into space allows no room for error and we are very proud of the fact that our standards are recognised at a literally stratospheric level.

Whilst playing a part in launching commercial satellites into space affords us some handsome bragging rights, we don't have our head in the clouds. We undertsand that every job, no matter how big or how small is equally as important to the individual customer, and we are often responsible for someone else's commercial success.